The Book of Siavon

Chronicling the life of a ruby-eyed youth with the weight of two worlds upon her shoulders, The Book of Siavon: The Complete Series, encompasses all four novels newly revised by the author. This unique edition also includes interior artwork from James Irvine and cover art from Joe Botzer. Follow Keavy Tranore as she treks across the magical world of Aryth to defeat the four Danaan witches. Along the way, meet a myriad of memorable characters and creatures that will both aid and impede Keavy as she attempts to fulfill her destiny. This is a fantasy series for all who contain a candid spirit and an imaginative mind. Come and join the adventure!

Exotic Birds

It is 2005. The multi-billion dollar company, Whittmeyer Industries, is under threat of bankruptcy. The CEO and founder, Harry Whittmeyer, has been mysteriously murdered. His daughter and successor, Megan Whittmeyer, is kidnapped soon after. Megan's only hope for rescue rests on the shoulders of her smart-mouth slacker of a brother, Jack, the disowned son of the Whittmeyer legacy. His three, equally displaced friends have found themselves reluctantly along for the ride. Under the constant watch of an unknown enemy simply identifying as 'The X', the foursome must travel to Ecuador, trek through the Amazonian rainforest, and face the kidnappers head on. Assuming they don't kill each other first.

The Key is Proper Hydration

Congratulations! You’ve chosen to read a nonsensical play based in a fantasy land filled with innuendos and outdated pop culture references. Written in college (or was it high school?) by a bored student who just needed something to turn in for her creative writing project, this is a play that has never been and should never be performed in any self-respecting theater or venue of any kind.

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