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The ruby child’s journey continues into the Talla Muro— the Tail of Murias, a chain of islands gripped by storm and plagued by pirates. Hiding in a murky sea, the emotionally tortured mermaid Sorka seeks vengeance on those on land for their errant ways and sets her sights on Alder as a potential new mate. In order to make it out of the Talla Muro alive, Keavy and her allies must gain favor with the mistrustful crew of the vessel, Serpentine in hopes that they will join them in their fight against an evil driven by both hate and love. New friends join the group as old ones leave, and it is here that Tulley is revisited by the ghosts of his past and the life he hoped to abandon many years ago.

The Book of Siavon: Vol. 2: The Tail of Murias

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